Personal Productivity: 5 Easy Techniques that You Should Know


Productivity is often used in companies to measure their output based on number of units of input. In today’s world where distractions are common, individuals are looking into increasing personal productivity because they want to be efficient. This article intends to highlight the importance of personal productivity and the methods used to enhance individual productivity. The list of items mentioned here is not in any order of importance and you are free to try and adapt the method that suits you the best.

#1. Taking the First Step

Taking the First step to Personal Productivity
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Whether your task is big or small, it is always wise to begin the task with small step. Taking the first step to begin will not only boost your confidence but it also gets the ball rolling and before you know it, the task would be completed. Even an airplane (which is humongous) makes a slow and steady speed before it lifts up to sky. 

Remember, before starting – have a clear plan to complete your task. Slice down tasks that you think too big. Break it into smaller chunk. A job well began is half done!

#2. Create a personal productivity system

According to, a human brain can handle closer to around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes) of memory storage. That is about 3 million hours of TV shows.  This means we handle innumerable thoughts and ideas every day. As a result, thoughts and creative ideas flow in random and holing them is hard. It needs an avenue to be released and captured. Thus, a personal productivity system is needed.

Personal productivity system that works. Increase your self efficiency
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The system can be in any form such as a planner, mobile phone or even a whiteboard. The main objective of the system is to have something in one place for you to remember or act accordingly. Tackling each thoughts or tasks carefully will improve your productivity to great extent.

Some personal productivity system that is recommended are: 

  • To-Do-List for tasks irrespective of size and importance
  • Calendar for scheduling events per week 
  • Notebook to capture non-actionable items as reference

Putting your thoughts / tasks into the tools is not enough but learning to prioritize based on your goals will benefit you. Having your very own personal productivity system empowers you and brings you closer to achieving your dream life. If you are still struggling developing a method, you can always follow or combine other systems to have own personalized system.

#3. Set your personal policy

Policies are not restricted to companies alone, an individual should have a policy too. Setting up personal policy will guide you to work on towards your specific goal.

For instance, if your policy is to work with only media clients because your target is only media clients. Then, if sports clients with lucrative offer comes seeking your service, you say ‘No’ without doubt.

Setting up personal policy will set you with clear direction. If you don’t, overwhelmed and possible burnout will happen eventually.

Setting up personal policy will increase your productivity
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In short, personal policies helps you during decision-making and reduce emotional stress. Now, sit down and look at your goals, write down your own policy. Review it from time to time. Great personal policy leads to great success.  

#4. Time management is life management

Time is a rare commodity. Lost time cannot be retrieved. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, male or female, child or adult, everyone has the same 24 hours. Yet, people utilize it differently. Those who use it wisely benefits the most. 

Hence using your time judiciously should be your main priority. Time Blocking is one of the best method for effective time management. List down your activities that need to be done and block it. Include buffer time, otherwise you are going to stumble.

Source : Float

Use a planner or your mobile phone to block your time. Adhere to them religiously and do not compromise. Do it for the next 21 days and it will become your second nature.  

#5. Get-up early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Benjamin Franklin

Getting up early helps you to kickstart your day off to a good start. If you wake up an hour early, you have an hour extra to accomplish your goals and tasks that you have set for the day. You can work on the side hustle that you have kept in your Someday list. You can brainstorm ideas or relook at your vision / goals. 

When you start completing your tasks and to do list, it is going to set your productivity level in sports mode. The satisfaction obtained from this will push you to greater height and gives you fulfilled life. 

Waking up early is good habit and increase your personal productivity
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To begin waking up early is always the hardest part. Start setting up your alarm, 10 minutes early and gradually increase it to your desired time. Do something that brings pleasure as a part of your morning routine to encourage you to get up from the bed. If waking up early is hard, try to put your alarm clock far away and closer to water source. This will force you to walk and once you switch off the alarm, splash water in your face to keep you fresh. It works all the time. Try it.    


When it comes to personal productivity, developing mindset that includes discipline and good attitude is vital. In the military parades, everyone synchronized their movement systematically. This is the power of discipline; result of vigorous training. 

The same goes to your body, mind, and intellect. Train them to be more efficient, faster and smarter. Need more ways to be productive, then check out 43 Tips to be more efficient and effective (and a lot happier).

Which method are you planning to adopt? Are you already practicing one of the methods mentioned? 

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