Procrastination Disadvantages at Work -Effects & Overcoming it

If you want to live a happy and healthy life then you need to be active in every aspect. You should know that there is no short-cut to reaching the top. One needs to work hard to reach the top. This article is going to delve into procrastination disadvantages so that one can identify the fact and overcome them.

Significant procrastination disadvantages

One of the common procrastination disadvantages is that it impedes us to reach the goal. Even having an objective does not ensure that you will be able to fulfill your goal because you are procrastinating and wasting time. Procrastinators tend to leave work for later which will end up having a huge pile of work to be done and leads to more procrastination. It is also seen that people who procrastinate, they imagine a lot of things in their mind but end up doing nothing at the end of the day. Most procrastinators do not realise the effect of procrastination until it becomes too late. If you are a procrastinator and you are keen to know how it is going to effect your life, here are some other disadvantages of procrastination.

Wasting time

One of the biggest procrastination disadvantages is wasting unlimited time. People who tend to procrastinate often defer their work for later. With too much procrastination they lose interest to work and at the end of the day, they remain unproductive. Sometimes putting it off at a later time, does not mean the person is lazy but it could be because they deter the task size.

OVERCOME : Identifying the ‘why’ the need to procrastinate, will prevent you to stop procrastinating.

Missing deadline

Procrastinators who realises the deadline is very close tend to finish their projects in hurry. The quality of work will be average because not much effort has been put into it due to time constrain. Low quality work and with many errors will affect your image and definitely will not look good in your career too.

Mediocre quality

Procrastinating often cause working on a project at the very last minute and you realise that you will eventually miss the deadline. People who procrastinate often miss the deadline because they did not schedule their work well. This will definitely put your reputation in the line and probably will miss recommendation for promotion or growth in your career as well.

OVERCOME : Write down mini tasks for projects or big tasks and set deadlines for each mini tasks.

Low productivity

There is only 24 hours in a day and about 6 hours is gone with sleeping which leaves us with only 18 hours to work on things. Procrastinators who puts off things later, end up not having the 18 hours but probably have only have a few hours left to do things. This reduces their productivity level and they cannot deliver as much work as they should give. Consequences will be slower life growth.

OVERCOME : Focusing on 3 most important tasks per day and force yourself to complete those 3 first in the day. Doing this everyday will eventually stop you procrastination once and for all

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Too many errors

Procrastinators can make a lot of mistakes in work because they do not have the habit of revising the work before submitting it. To meet the deadline they often finish their work in a rush and they do not get the time to relook at their work to eliminate mistakes. This is one of the reason why work submitted by procrastinators may not be a quality work.

OVERCOME : Set a deadline that’s before the actual deadline. This will give you ample of times to recheck your work and make some amendments if necessary.


Since procrastinators wastes so much time from the beginning and as a deadline approaches they get stressed. Someone who has to juggle work, time, and personal life will start to get anxiety, panic attack or some other emotional stress. This juggling phase creates a lot of anxiety in a person’s mind that may hamper the mental health of a person and that has a clear effect on the work itself.


It is one of the procrastination disadvantages and it occurs when a procrastinator has already wasted so much time in being lazy and now he/she is working day in and out. In this case, most of the people renounce sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation and that takes a toll on their mental and physical health. They feel tired and that curbs their energy to finishing the work properly. The tiredness often snatches away the natural thinking process as well.

Low self-esteem

It has been often seen that a procrastinator has a clear idea about his/her tendency of procrastination. This is the reason the person always suffer from lower self-esteem because the person is aware that he/she will not be able to finish the work on time and that curbs their confidence. They know that the work they are going to provide is mediocre and that automatically discourages them. So, in the future due to this habit, they fear taking up a task.

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Career setback

When someone is guilty of doing all the above-mentioned things repeatedly then he/she will face a setback in their career. No one will believe them with an important task as they are known for missing deadlines, offering mediocre tasks, and doing hundreds of silly mistakes. This will hamper their reputation in an organization and that is not good for anyone’s career.

Ruining relationships

If someone has disappointed other people who wanted to depend on that person then you should know that there will be an effect on the shared relationships. No one wants to believe a procrastinator as they all know what kind of result they will get.


Everyone procrastinates in their life in one way or another. It will continue to exist in our life and procrastination with no control will lead to a disastrous life. One needs to push oneself harder to manage the time so that they start working from the beginning. Identifying the reason behind the procrastination is the best step to overcome it.

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